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Nature At Your Fingertips


The creators of the original National Wildlife Federation Field Guides bring this unparalleled content to the palm of your hand, with the 7 most popular nature subjects now available on the iTunes store.​

The National Wildlife Federation Guides are a modern classic for a new generation of nature lovers.


Fieldstone is proud to partner with the National Wildlife Federation in producing these comprehensive, authoritative, and interactive apps, designed to inform and to inspire. Integrating content of unparalleled breadth and depth, this series features an unprecedented 50,000 pages of expert-curated content and thousands of the highest quality professional photographs, maps, and drawings along with more than 4,000 bird, mammal, insect and amphibian sounds.

NWF Guide to Amphibians


This guide to North American amphibians includes accounts of 181 North species, with more than 300 photographs, 60 frog songs and calls, range maps and more.

NWF Guide to Butterflies


This guide includes descriptions of 627 North American butterflies, skippers, moths and their kin, with more than 1,850 photographs, range maps and more.

NWF Guide to Mammals


This guide includes accounts of 273 North American mammals, with more than 500 photographs, about 50 mammals sounds, range maps and more.

NWF Guide to Birds


This guide includes detailed accounts of 821 birds found in North America, with more than 3,200 photographs, 2,200 bird songs and calls, range maps and more. ​

NWF Guide to Insects & Spiders


This guide includes descriptions and photographs of more than 500 common North American insects and spiders. Includes many species of ants, bees, dragonflies, beetles and more.

NWF Guide to Mushrooms


This guide describes 570 types of North American mushrooms, with nearly 700 photographs and robust search functions to aid identification.

NWF Guide to Reptiles


This guide includes descriptions of 259 North American reptiles, with more than 450 photographs, range maps and more. ​Includes common lizards, turtles and snakes.

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